Arctic Integrated Ecological Research Program

We’ve been awarded a contract from the NPRB to provide data management support and services for the Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Research Program (IERP). The Arctic IERP is a multi-component, five year effort designed to study the northern Bering and southern Chukchi Seas to better understand the relationships between physical ocean and environmental drivers (e.g. …) and the structure and function of the biological components of the ecosystem, including human access to subsistence resources. This is a huge effort, with $7.75M in funding from the NPRB, BOEM, and the Collaborative Alaskan Arctic Studies Program (CAASP)1, and an additional $7.25M in in-kind support from other agencies.

The specific data management needs of such a program are many, but all are directed towards the goals of making the data broadly understandable, available, and ensuring it is preserved for future reuse. Our approach is split between data management support and the enhancement of some existing technologies. Data management personnel will provide assistance in creating data management plans; provide guidance and best practices on data formatting and metadata quality; and maintain data and metadata inventories and status reports. Some of the technologies we’ll leverage include:

Look for updates about AIERP data availability and follow program wide progress here.

1 formerly the North Slope Borough/Shell Baseline Studies Program

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