Plan for Data Management

Data management plans help to ensure that your data are well-organized, managed, and prepared for preservation into the future. Use a data management plan to document the planned research effort, the expected outputs, and the plan for documenting and archiving your data. Preparing a data management plan before data collection is recommended for research projects, campaigns, and organizations alike.

As you and your collaborators begin to implement the best practices outlined in this document, make an effort to record these plans and who is responsible for each task within your team, including:

  • Folder structure

  • File naming

  • File versioning

  • Metadata documentation

  • Data publication and archiving

Record these plans in a document that can be shared and accessed by your collaborators in the Research Workspace. We recommend using the DMPTool to build your data management plan, or talking with the data management team at Axiom Data Science about creating a custom data management plan built around the Research Workspace infrastructure.